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17 May 2018

Commission Initiates Product Repairability Study While Raising Prospect of New Labeling Requirements for Goods

The European Commission has initiated a new study regarding product repairability by its dedicated research arm, the Joint Research Centre (JRC).


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11 May 2018

Connecticut enacts microfiber bill, but without labeling requirements

Connecticut's House passed H.B. 5360 (originally S.B. 341), An Act Concerning Clothing Fiber Pollution.

The bill was originally intended to establish[...]

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27 April 2018

France: Circular Economy Roadmap Introduces 50 Measures

By Compliance & Risks Knowledge Partner, SagisEPR

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18 April 2018

Gulf Cooperation Council: RoHS Requirements Currently Under Discussion

To further the unification of their trade, industrial and customs legislation, and remove obstacles to the establishment of a unified internal market,[...]

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05 April 2018

What Household Appliance Manufacturers Have Asked Our Compliance Experts? March 2018

In March our Subject Matter Experts received a number of questions from our household appliance clients regarding a wide range of subjects. You can[...]

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08 March 2018

African Regulatory Spotlight: The Importance of Governance

Author: Dr. Ken Jennings, K2J Environmental

Companies often focus on the existence or absence of environmental regulation as part of a market[...]

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06 March 2018

Consumer Electronic Manufacturers Compliance Questions: February 2018

February was a busy month for our Subject Matter Experts as lots of our consumer electronics clients had questions in relation to a wide range of[...]

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01 February 2018

Trending Product Compliance Questions January 2018

Here is a sample of some questions product compliance people have been asking our Subject Matter Experts this month. You can find the full questions[...]

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31 January 2018

EU Withdrawal Bill questions lead Minister to state intention to convert REACH into UK law

Author: Alex Martin, RINA Consulting, knowledge partner with Compliance & Risks

Understandably enough, much of the 2017 media coverage of Brexit[...]

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17 January 2018

Top 4 Electronic Product Compliance Trends for 2018

1. RoHS Showing Relentless Growth

The pace of growth of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulation in 2017 was unabated, and looks set to[...]

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