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11 December 2018

New Guide Offers Advice to Economic Operators on Meeting LVD Obligations

The EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD) specifies obligations for economic operators, meaning manufacturers of in-scope electrical equipment, authorized[...]

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10 December 2018

New Guidance Advises When EU legislation Other Than the LVD Applies to Electrical Equipment

Earlier this year the European Commission published “the LVD Guide”, an updated set of guidelines to accompany the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

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30 November 2018

BSI Confirms Full Membership of CEN and CENELEC Post-Brexit

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has announcedi that the General Assemblies of CEN and CENELEC have, respectively, approved its ongoing[...]

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30 November 2018

European Commission’s New LVD Guide Offers Clarification on the Directive’s Scope

In August, the European Commission published an updated set of guidelines to accompany the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). This superseded the provisional[...]

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07 November 2018

Status of Ecodesign Preparatory Studies for Product Groups Identified as Potential Regulatory Targets

The European Commission pursues a “Working Plan” when it comes to the development and revision of EU ecodesign legislation. The current Working Plan[...]

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30 October 2018

Draft Regulation on the Implementation of the Energy Labeling Database Circulated

One of the requirements of the 2017 Energy Labeling Framework Regulation is that the European Commission will “establish and maintain a product[...]

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26 September 2018

Timber Regulation Infringements Prove a Clear Focus in Recent UK Market Surveillance Activity

In July, the Office for Product Safety & Standards (previously known as the Regulatory Delivery Directorate) published a summary of the enforcement[...]

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25 September 2018

German Environment Agency Seeks Information From Article Suppliers Regarding REACH Article 33

The German Environment Agency (UBA) is one of the leading organisations behind AskREACH, a project aimed at raising awareness on Substances of Very[...]

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27 August 2018

The European Commission’s Latest EMC Directive Guidance

In March of this year, the European Commission published an updated “Guide for the EMC (Electromagnetic CompatibilityDirective”. Although published[...]

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21 August 2018

EEA Finds National Efforts to Promote Reuse of Waste are Largely Voluntary Despite EU Legislative Imperative

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its fourth annual report regarding waste prevention programs in Europe. The latest report focuses[...]

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