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30 June 2021

connect cover-1Connect, the quarterly newsletter of Compliance & Risks, is out now!

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  • Can You Sell Product X in Market Y? How to maintain and demonstrate compliance for all products in all markets
  • Our latest webinars, including ‘Complying With China REACH: Latest Updates and Developments', presented by Bryan Zhou, Deputy General Manager, CIRS Europe
  • A copy of our white papers: ‘Cybersecurity and Connected Products: Reviewing the Regulatory Landscape’ and ‘Product Safety in China: Product Certification and Quality Inspection Rules’
  • Our C2P 'Top Tips'
  • Expert Knowledge Partner commentary ‘USA: Proposed PFAS reporting requirement under the Toxic Substances Control Act’ by Emily Tyrwhitt Jones, Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant, RINA
  • News alerts across key areas such as: Chemicals and Substances, Product Safety, Textiles and more
  • The latest trending in compliance legislation

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